Saturday, December 29, 2007

I invite you to doodle.

I'm realling digging the hack. I think it deserves a bit of artwork. But not too professional of artwork. I've got this idea. I want to invite you to create an actual play report of your RBH games in doodle form. Draw stick figures of your warrior chopping the head off a dragon. Or a scribble of the city you just leveled. Put a caption on it. Then scan it and send it to me. I'll take my favorites and put them into the rules.

Consider this:
1. I only want doodles about actual play sessions.
2. If you are really good at drawing, take it down a notch. I want doodles, not kick-ass artwork.

I'm gonna do some doodles too, but I think it would be really awesome if all the artwork in this thing was nothing but fan work.

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Renato said...

Well, it's not a doodle, but the computer equivalent by an art illiterate like me: I've made a cover for RedBoxHack... you can see it here:

RBH Homemade Cover

As you can guess, I tried to emulate more or less the Moldvay dnd cover :)

...the image used is a slightly altered photo from a reenactment group in Milan. Done without permission, so if you like it, please let me know if you have an image of your own to put on the cover (a "glorified doodle" would be best, I guess), or maybe I can ask them permission.