Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's back!

Tonight, with plenty of help, I've finished the second edition of the Red Box Hack. Tonight or tomorrow I'll be working on a new character sheet and a monster/npc sheet. Take a peek and tell me what you think. Also, let me know if I've missed anything terribly important. Or, you know, if I've suddenly broken your favorite part of the game.

The New PDF


Antoine F said...

Hi Eric,
You must be our secret Santa !

Thanks for your hard work and for sharing your game during its early developpement stages.

From what I have seen you nailed all the problems I had during my two playtests :
- the attributes make now perfect sense for me, + they have a color that the first ones laked.
- the monsters powers seem to give them the "oomph" they needed (and I am glad that a lot of them make good use of the arenas rules).
- the new experience value of the treasures should bump the players interest (+ you explain better how to use them in adventure construction)

Moreover, I am looking forward to testing all the new rules for assisting others and the new talents. All that seems great.

There are some more things that I'd like to say but I want to give a better look at the document before that. I think I'll send you an email if it's okay with you.

But I must say it again :


Jason, Eon, and the Boys said...

Just reading through, and noticed the TOC pagination is off, starting with Warrior. Enjoyable read, though! More feedback later...

jessecoombs said...

RBH looks awesome, but my mac can't view it! I can download the character sheet, but all I get when I try to view the rules is a bunch of html nonsense...