Saturday, January 26, 2008

Calling all playtesters

We've got a whole bunch of folks playing this thing now. Some folks are playing the game as I wrote it and others are making their own hack out of it. If you are playing it as I wrote it, I'd like to ask a little bit of a long-term favor from you.

What I'd like to do is I'd like to make sure every single Talent and Monster Power gets a test-drive. Preferably at least two tests for each.

You can help by telling us what Talents and Powers were used in your games and how much fun they were (or weren't). I'll keep tabs on which ones have been tested and which ones haven't.

This will go a long way toward making RBH a solid and dependable game.


Sean ov Newcastle ! said...

animus meal and rock music here we come !

The Gamester At Large said...

Actually, both my games had people take 'rock music'. In both cases, the players just thought it was neat. Secondarily, it got used for some tactical/story advantage in each.

Sean ov Newcastle ! said...

I can see how animus meal could be used too -
- easy to capture someone if you've turned them into a hedgehog
- tunnel out the dungeon as a mole
- infiltrate the castle as a mouse
- evade pursuit as a deer
- change the prison guards into slugs
- gain entry to foxes-only nitespot to spy on the vixen gangster posse

takeouts ! - a longrunner with a utility lunchbox would be cool

Hamish said...

Hamish said...

Some of the talents might need restrictions on how many times they can be used at once or in a scene or how long they last. I'm thinking of Illusions and Commanding Voice - but this probably applies to Rock Music and others as well. If they are unrestricted its probably worth noting that in the description.

Eric Provost said...


There are no duration or time limits on any of the talents. There never will be. I loathe those kind of restrictions. It's a personal thing.