Sunday, November 23, 2008

Talents & Classes? Check!

As of this evening I now have thirty five Talents and seven Classes to divide them between. That's the last item on my Big List O' Things To Fix. Which means that it's now time for me to start typing up a new document.


Mark Causey said...

Man, I was hoping to get some Talents written up this weekend. I'm glad you got yours done, though.

Jerome said...

Any idea of the time it should take you before we can see the document?

Do you plan on testing the new version before releasing it?

I must admit I am really saddened to learn that the name RBH will not survive (it makes me think about one of my characters ;) ). It had become something *per se* for me, and I'll have to re-make the whole appropriation process with the new name (although I am not sure I'll ever manage to fully appreciate the new name... are you sure about "Pomegrenates and cardigans", Eric? :P ).

Eric Provost said...

Sorry Jerome, I have no idea how long it'll take me to get this thing finished. I know you have been waiting for me to get it done all year long, but without rushing or setting a deadline, I just can't guess how much time it might take.

Test before releasing? Heck no. You and Antoine are my best testers! Besides, testing this thing myself would just mean another unnecessary delay.

Mark Causey said...

What Eric is trying to say is that he knows that when I play the game I'll find a corruptible combination that ruins all his hard work.

Jerome said...

No problem Eric, I don't want to pressure you or anything... let me just say that Antoine and I discussed and found an acceptable way to continue our campaign despite my character death (and even better than that: this death turns out to give more fuel to the story and a very exciting reason for my next PC).

If you don't completely throw the Magus and the Mystic in the future-RBH-which-is-not-called-RBH (aka "RBH RIP", aka "sic!"), we might even be able to test it in our next sessions with these PC.

Jerome said...

Just to tell you that I am regularly (=every day, or sometimes twice a day) coming here in hope that the formerly-known-as-redbox-hack game is up.

But no pressure, no pressure, I am only showing that we do not forget and are still interested...

OK, a little pressure, I admit. ;)

Happy holidays (nevertheless!).

Antoine F said...


I just wanted to say that I made a RBH character for Ron Edwards' "Color-first character creation project" . My post is here and the rules are there.

And we played a fantastic game last week with Marie and Jérôme as players. Thanks again for the RBH, Eric.