Monday, November 17, 2008

The Attributes

I'm giving serious consideration to scrapping the current attributes. They work ok, but they aren't singing to me. They don't make me as happy as I think they could.

I have this tiny seed of an idea I'd like to explore. I'm having a bit of a hard time finding the words to describe it, so bear with me.

Vincent once wrote about how he intentionally authored the attributes for DITV so that increasing your character's capacity for one thing also increased their capacity for another thing. Like how increasing Acuity would make the character better at talking and gunfighting (iirc).

That's kinda what I've got in mind. Only I'm imagining something a bit more simple and direct. Imagine that RBH had three or four attributes and that each one had a direct tie in to combat. At the same time, each of those three or four attributes would also cover all the non-combat things I expect characters to get into: Like sneaking past guards and seducing the sons of kings.

Now the trick is going to be figuring out what those attributes might be.


kelvingreen said...

I think this might be a good idea, as the attributes don't seem to gel as much as they should. I'm keen to see what you have in mind.

Antoine F said...

That's interesting Eric. I can understand what you feel about the attributes. I think it can be better than disconnecting combat and non combat attributes like it is now.
But wouldn't it be easier first to list out some possible actions you envision for RBH characters and then tie together one non-combat action with one combat action into a single attribute ?
Grouping certain kinds of actions together gives a lot of indications on the setting or atmosphere you're aiming at.
Ex : grouping the "seduction" and the "courageous stunt" action into a "Prowess" attribute and grouping the "seduction" and "break appart things" actions into a "Savageness" attribute don't tap into the same kind of characters archetypes.
Can you make those kinds of grouping ?
Myself, I can totaly imagine these ones :
- Assist action with "moving into higher social circles" or gaining the trust of people (kind of aristocratic command thing)
- Fast talking with getting initiative or fleeing
- Intimidating and/or seduction with Showing off
but that's just some examples without knowing the direction you are giving to the game.

Anyway, I can't wait to see where you're going.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was gonna come up with panache, nerve, grace or finesse but I think Antoine's right about figuring out the possible actions first.

'Grouping certain kinds of actions together gives a lot of indications on the setting or atmosphere you're aiming at'

so OTM !