Friday, November 14, 2008

Progress Continues

As of this afternoon I have 30 really good Talents. I need at least five more. If I could come up with twelve more, I'd be even happier.

I've re-scaled damage. The original damage scale was "one and sometimes two", but the creation of the Combat Token system let that get a bit out of hand. With a tweak to Heavy & Very Heavy weapons, as well as an adjustment to the cost of bonus damage from tokens, I think I now have a very satisfying "one, sometimes two, and very rarely three" scale.

Directly tied to that, I've re-scaled the HP for PCs, NPCs, and monsters. Each character or monster will have fewer HP, but with the damage under control, that should work out just fine.

And directly tied to that, I've also changed both the healing system (just a tiny bit) and the PC Death mechanism. I love having the death of a PC hovering over the game, but I decided that I'd like it better if there were a little less random chance and a little more conscious player investment.

I know there's going to be some pretty serious changes to combat, but I haven't really ironed all those bits out yet. I'm changing a few of the standard combat actions. Getting that bit right will make or break this new version. I'm also toying with the idea of removing the classic Initiative mechanism and replacing it with something that has more room for players to riff off of each other.

That's all for now.


kelvingreen said...

One thing I might like to see is Showing Off folded into an attack, as players seem to have a hard time with the concept of a stunt with no immediate effect.

Eric Provost said...

Your players don't see the value of shouting insults at the opponent or doing a tumbling leap over their head? Seriously? How about taking a turn to aim their shot? Or taking a few minutes to prepare an ambush? How about the value of an evil overlord who takes time out to explain his plot to the heroes?

I know that the Showing Off rules, as they currently sit, don't imply those kinds of actions well enough. But that's exactly what I had in mind when I authored the rule.

Or do your players just not like it that those things aren't attacks in their own right? I could understand that. But, as it happens, I enjoy the build up/assist/attack system. In fact, I dig it alot.

kelvingreen said...

I like it too (I only said "might" after all!). I liken it to the sword-swinging fellow in Raiders of the Lost Ark, although he obviously fumbled the roll and gave an Awesome Token to Indy. The players, however, seem to want to have the Showing Off and the attack to happen as the same action, like the stunt system in something like Feng Shui.

All that said, I've only run one session of RBH so far, so it's only a very small pool of players who didn't get it. Nothing major.

Jerome said...

>With a tweak to Heavy & Very Heavy
>weapons, as well as an adjustment
>to the cost of bonus damage from
>tokens, I think I now have a very
>satisfying "one, sometimes two, and
>very rarely three" scale.

Great, I have always been a big fan of the logarithmic scale (especially if you use the Neperian logarithm, not the log in base 2).

I cannot wait to see the new RBH. ;)

More seriously, reading all the changes to come, I am wondering (worrying?) if RBH3 will not be a whole new game. Do you plan on putting an appendix in RBH3 on how to adapt PC from RBH2 to RBH3?

Eric Provost said...

RBH3 will be a whole new game. So new, in fact, that I'm going to be releasing it under a new title.

But no, I will not be producing any kind of conversion information for taking your characters from RBH2 to RBH3. I'm afraid that it simply wouldn't be possible. I mean, if one of your character's Talents got edited out, then who am I to tell you what Talent you should choose instead? Only you can do that.

Besides, you know that it's just not difficult to make a character in RBH. That won't change in RBH3. Which means that it won't take you much effort at all to re-imagine your old character in the new system.